Recent History

Genosha. Paradise for Homo Superior and a sanctuary for oppressed mutants everywhere. Its idyllic beauty was legendary, and the arms of its people open wide.

Into this Eden a serpent came crashing. The U.S. government, under a treaty they themselves established, sent an armada of massive Sentinels to eliminate those they deemed a threat. The machines descended on Genosha, and in a single night had laid waste to the island. Men, women and children lay dead in the largest act of genocide since the Holocaust.

The Sovereign Ruler of Genosha, Eric Lensherr, returned from a confrontation with the X-Men to find his home land in ruins. Blaming Charles Xavier’s students for distracting and delaying him, “Magneto” vowed vengeance on those responsible.

From the ashes rose a number of horrified and scattered survivors. These mutants, strong enough to survive the massacre but not yet strong enough to prevent it, swore allegiance to Magneto. The New Acolytes would make the United States pay for its unprovoked attack – and eliminate the meddling X-Men once and for all.

Recent History

GENOSHA: Revenge of the Acolytes Praissen